Invisalign is the most widely respected clear orthodontic system used in America. Their unique approach and technology-driven system provides an accurate treatment for adults and teens alike.

Each set of Invisalign appears as if it were a clear retainer or whitening tray. It snaps over your teeth, fitting just like a glove. Unless you mention them to other people, there’s a very good chance that no one will realize you’re wearing braces.

The Leader in Clear Braces for Over 20 Years

The first of its kind, Invisalign has paved the way for other clear braces systems to follow. Developed in the late 1990s, this orthodontic system has continued to improve its technology and efficacy for even the most complex of cases.

What was once reserved only for people with very minor tooth misalignment, Invisalign can now be useful for people with mild to severe crowding.

Customized, Digitally-Planned Aligners

Invisalign omits room for human error by digitally planning the course of your treatment. In fact, you can likely see a preview of how your teeth will be moved (as well as the estimated final results) before you even start wearing your braces.

The virtual system digitally repositions your teeth using proven, non-invasive methods. As each stage of your treatment progresses, so does the set of alignment trays. We will see you every so often to make sure that your teeth are responding properly and that the tray system does not need to be slightly altered.

A Flexible Option for Adults and Teens

It’s no surprise that many adults and teens are hesitant about getting braces. Yet, you know that having crooked teeth can make you feel embarrassed or more prone to oral hygiene problems.

Wearing Invisalign gives you the option to enjoy straighter teeth without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. You can even whiten your teeth at the same time, giving yourself a “mini” smile makeover.

How It Works

Instead of moving your teeth with an archwire held to brackets across your teeth, Invisalign uses trays that gradually guide your teeth into a desirable position. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks and then changed out with the next set. Slowly and systematically, your teeth are gently repositioned.

Due to their design, you can take Invisalign braces out at any time. This makes them very easy to keep clean and allows you to eat whatever you want.

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