What’s The Difference?

Orthodontist vs. Dentist: What’s the Difference?

Deciding to make the investment in a straighter, healthier smile is a big choice. The time commitment, multiple visits, and even the cost of your braces come into play. When it’s all said and done, one of the most important factors is who your provider is. That means knowing the difference in getting braces with our orthodontist vs. your family dentist.

Here’s what you need to know:

Options For Braces

Having Options for Different Types of Braces

Different types of braces work for different people. Even personal preferences can come into play, such as wanting clear braces or aligners instead of fixed traditional orthodontics.

Most family dentists only provide limited services with specific types of braces. If you do not like that option, there are no other choices. Sometimes this leads to people compromising their care just to save a few dollars. If you do not fit the protocol for that specific type of braces, then you are out of options.

Our orthodontist provides a variety of different types of braces and alignment systems, including early intervention therapies and growth modification appliances. This unique selection allows us to tailor more individualized treatment to the specific needs of different people. As such, we can also provide care to patients of different ages…from young children to retirees.

Expert Results

Benefits Of Seeking Treatment Through An Orthodontist

As your orthodontist, we can provide many benefits in your treatment that would be difficult for a general dentist to achieve. Such as…

  • Managing simple to extremely complex cases that would be beyond the scope of a family dentist
  • Offering a combination or variety of treatment choices to make therapy more effective
  • Being able to accurately predict what the outcome of the treatment will be, thanks to advanced training
  • Bypass common complications or failed results, due to experience
  • Saving you money on braces, because you can enjoy predictable results without the “what ifs” of needing additional courses of treatment

Getting straighter teeth is more than just making your front teeth “look straight.” It’s about creating a harmonious biting relationship throughout your entire mouth and jaws. As your orthodontist, it’s our specialty.

You probably wouldn’t want us to remove your wisdom teeth or do your fillings, even though our orthodontist has the training to do so. The same goes for having a family dentist do your braces.

Find out how we can help you enjoy quality, affordable orthodontic care. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

“Dr. Hopke is a fantastic orthodontist that pays very close attention to detail. I am another orthodontist and have the pleasure of learning from him at various continuing education events and study clubs. I am constantly amazed by his finished cases, knowledge, and ability. You are in excellent hands with Dr. Hopke.”

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