Living with Invisalign is pretty easy, especially when compared to living with braces. However, it still requires some adjustments. If you are wondering how things are going to change for you during treatment, allow us to explain.

Now, What Will Change

  • You will need to clean your teeth after every meal and before bed.
  • You will need to clean your aligners daily using lukewarm water, never hot.
  • If you do not use fluoride toothpaste, you will want to start.
  • You will need to keep your aligners stored carefully.
  • You will need to change out your aligners every two weeks.

Do you have more questions about how Invisalign will impact your lifestyle?  Schedule your initial consultation.

First, What Won’t Change

With most forms of orthodontic treatment, there are lifestyle restriction. Invisalign does not require this. In truth, very little changes during treatment. For example:

  • You can eat whatever you want. No foods are off limits.  While eating healthy is important, and less sugar is always better for your teeth, Invisalign does not mean limiting your diet.
  • You do not need to use special techniques for brushing and flossing. You remove your aligner, take care of brushing and flossing, and then put the aligner back in.
  • You will never need to worry about being paying more attention to your treatment than you. Invisalign is invisible.

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